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Friday, October 15, 2010

A walk along the Liffey . . .

Dublin, beautiful Dublin, especially when the weather is pristine as this day was (rarely so though).
On a day like that, I took a walk along the River Liffey. The river itself is not massive in size and has not many boats on it to liven things up. All the color is located on the banks with some creative architecture and Dublin landmarks lining up the shores.

Amongst other things, I got to see:

The Grand Canal Theatre: A relatively newer building with an excellent front facade sharply jutting out against a blue sky with green grass on the foreground, this unique piece of infrastructure began construction in January 2007 and was declared open in March 2010. Stunning Geometry!

The Samuel Beckett Bridge: The harp-shaped bridge across the Liffey connecting North and South Dublin constructed at the cost of 60 million euros is a sight when its fully lit. Built by internationally acclaimed Santiago Calatrava, the bridge named after the famous Irish writer Samuel Beckett, was thrown open to public on the 10th of Decemeber, 2009

Custom House: A jog down the memory lane and a walk up the river present you with an excellent vista of the famous Custom House. Currently housing the Department of Environment, the Custom House was built at a cost of 200,000 pounds in the year 1791.

Here are my pictures from both upriver and downriver. Hope they are enjoyable . . .


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