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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Armed with a Canon 500mm prime - Lotus Pond

This post has been due for a long time now. I had taken the pictures below as early as May 2010, but never got around to posting them. Was just checking my old pics and suddenly remembered that these have been due. This particular set of pics are really special to me as this was the first time I got to use a 500mm prime with a 1.4x converter on my 7D (Huge thanks to Ashok again!!).

Watch out specifically for the Tickell's Blue flycatcher and the Small blue KF, my first decent catch of both these :)



  1. Great shots Ajith!
    I feel there is too much of 'blue' tone in all the photos. Hopefully this is not just my screen.

  2. Hey Sasi, blame it on Picasa! The originals on DPP are looking the way I shot them :(


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